European Water Mite Fauna

A Checklist of the Water Mites Inhabiting European Inland Waters

from Limnofauna Europaea, kindly authorized by Spektrum Verlag

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Europe Watermites Iceland Ireland Great Britan The Pyrenees Iberian Peninsula Italy The Alps Dinaric Western Balkan Hellenic Western Balkan Eastern Balkan Western Highlands Central Highlands The Carpathians Hungarian Lowlands Pontic Province Western Lowlands Central Lowlands Baltic Province Eastern Lowlands Boreal Highlands Tundra North Sweden Taiga Caucasus Caspian Flats North Africa Asia Minor

X North Africa 14 Central Lowlands
1 Iberian Peninsula 15 Baltic Province
2 The Pyrenees 16 Eastern Lowlands
3 Italy 17 Ireland
4 The Alps 18 Great Britan
5 Dinaric Western Balkan 19 Iceland
6 Hellenic Western Balkan 20 Boreal Highlands
7 Eastern Balkan 21 Tundra
8 Western Highlands 22 North Sweden
9 Central Highlands 23 Taiga
10 The Carpathians 24 Caucasus
11 Hungarian Lowlands 25 Caspian Flats
12 Pontic Province Y Asia Minor
13 Western Lowlands