Watermite Bibliography with Detail
AuthorSmit, H. &
Pesic V.  
TitleNew records of the water mite genus Arrenurus from India, with the description of one new species (Acari: Hydrachnidia: Arrenuridae).  
journalZootaxa 1894: 53-58.  
KeywordsSyst., Faun.  
AbstractNew records are given of the water mite genus Arrenurus from India. One new species is described, i.e. Arrenurus indicus Smit & Pesic n. sp. The synonymizations of A. mammifera Nayar, 1967 with A. laticodulus Piersig, 1898 and of A.incisifrons Nayar, 1969 with A. spinosus Walter, 1929 are confirmed. The first description of the female of A. kurtvietsi Lundblad is given. All existing data on Arrenurus from India are reported.  
Biotopstreams, pools  
Systematik Hydrachnidia