Watermite Bibliography with Detail
AuthorSmit, H.  
TitleThe water mite family Hygrobatidae Koch in Australia. The genera Aspidiobatella Cook, Australorivacarus Viets, Gondwanabates Imamura and Rhynchaustrobates Cook (Acari: Hydrachnidia).  
journalZootaxa 4033 (4): 567583.  
KeywordsSyst., Australia  
AbstractThe following eight new species are described from Australia: Gondwanabates crassipalpis, G. flavus, G. spatulifer, Rhynchaustrobates bipartitus, R. sclerosus, R. truusae, R. uniscutatus and R. victorianus. Numerous new records are given of the following hygrobatid genera in Australia: Aspidiobatella Cook, 1986, Australoricacarus K.O. Viets, 1978, Gondwanabates Imamura, 1984 and Rhynchaustrobates Cook, 1986. The males of Aspidiobatella smola Cook and Gondwanabates hopkinsi Imamura and the female of Gondwanabates crassipes Cook are described for the first time.  
Systematik Hydrachnidia